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Cockroach Pie and Other Recipes


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     Most students do not know how to cook when they first arrive at university. Such cookbooks as there are for them are generally condescending in tone and lacking in imagination. The advantage of Cockroach Pie and Other Recipes is that it is written by students for students: a selection of their most delicious recipes, economical and simple to make using the barest of facilities, tailored to the erratic eating habits which are an inescapable fact of campus life.
     The idea for it came to us in a dingy rented kitchen. Despairing of having to cook on a low budget from an empty store cupboard, we thought it would be interesting – if not life-saving – to pool our favourite recipes with those of friends at other universities. The letters we sent out asked for their pièces de résistance. The recipe had to be original; it might be illustrated.
     The responses poured in from as far away as Leningrad and San Francisco; we collected over 30 more on a single Saturday afternoon by raiding kitchens across Edinburgh from Toll Cross to the New Town. Many were unusual to say the least.